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Raising Public Awareness About the Benefits of Cannabis

Raising Public Awareness About the Benefits of Cannabis

We know a lot of our recreational customers are wondering about the medicinal health benefits of cannabis. Which is understandable!! Due to decades of federal prohibition and the restricted research into the health benefits of this complex plant, we are all finally playing catch-up….and as passionate consumers we naturally want to know more.

Cannabis legalization has resulted in a large increase in the use of cannabis for personal and health reasons. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans have legal access to medical cannabis, and more than a quarter can use it recreationally.

The anti-drug campaign of the last several decades has emphasized the potential harms of cannabis without acknowledging its medicinal properties. There are indeed genuine side effects and risks of cannabis use, but it’s important to weigh these risks against the benefits. In, order to make informed decisions about whether cannabis is right for you, it’s important to understand its active ingredients and how they activate the body and brain.

Many stigmas are still attached to cannabis use, but as awareness continues to grow of its medicinal properties and benefits, a greater level of acceptance will continue spreading nationwide and globally. One of the things you can do to raise awareness would be to encourage dialogue amongst your social networks. The general idea is through this open dialogue you will stimulate conversation and curiosity that should lead to more people seeking out more information of the benefits and the medicinal uses. Consider hosting a community event or striking up a conversation. Community events represent an excellent opportunity to engage with all sorts of people in your neighborhood and talk about marijuana more openly in an educational way. The more public dialogue there is surrounding the benefits and medical uses of marijuana the more awareness it generates. Collaborating with different generations allows everyone to air their views and concerns and creates a great chance to put some common misconceptions to bed.

If you are already aware of the benefits of cannabis, please continue sharing your cannabis knowledge with others.

Educate before you recreate.

Caroline Frankel

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