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FAQs from Caroline's Cannabis

Cannabis Dispensary located near MA

The store hours in both Uxbridge and Hopedale are 10am to 10pm Everyday


Sunday 10am to 10pm
Monday 10am to 10pm
Tuesday 10am to 10pm
Wednesday 10am to 10pm
Thursday 10am to 10pm
Friday 10am to 10pm
Saturday 10am to 10pm

Before entry into Caroline’s Cannabis, a valid, unexpired government issued ID that confirms the individual is 21 years of age must be presented. Acceptable Forms of ID include:


  • Driver’s License
  • Government Issued Identification Card
  • Military Identification Card
  • Passport


We do not accept temporary ID Cards, or paperwork.


Caroline’s Cannabis is a licensed recreational establishment and we do not accept Medical Marijuana Registration Cards as a valid form of identification.

Cash and Debit cards are accepted.

$3.50 debit ATM service fee will be applied to transactions.

ATM services are available onsite.

Yes, you can purchase cannabis as a recreational customer with a valid government-issued ID that verifies you are 21 or older. Valid forms of identification include driver’s licenses, passports, or military IDs. Please remember that all products purchased in Massachusetts are only legal in Massachusetts.

According to current Massachusetts state law, cannabis adult use retailers can sell up to 1 ounce of flower (28 grams), 5 grams of concentrate, or 500mg of edibles per person per day. You can buy a combination of all three as to not exceed the daily limit which is tracked in our point-of-sale system and calculated at our registers.

At Caroline’s we are very excited about the further potential health and wellness benefits that will result from cannabis federalization and research. As more research is done, we’re gaining a better understanding of how marijuana works for different ailments. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as new research and information becomes available. Any information provided by Caroline’s Cannabis and its staff or representatives should not be considered medical advice. Caroline’s Cannabis is a recreational marijuana establishment ONLY and does not provide medical advice. All medical questions should always be directed to your physician.

No. The scanning system is used to verify that your ID is accurate and to ensure that you are 21 years of age. We do not share information with law enforcement or government agencies without a warrant. Our system is not connected to an outside network, nor do we transfer any personal information at any time.

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