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Owner of Uxbridge pot shop opening Friday says she hopes to spread ‘kind word of cannabis’

Owner of Uxbridge pot shop opening Friday says she hopes to spread ‘kind word of cannabis’


Six years after launching that online business, Caroline’s Cannabis will on Friday become the state’s 11th recreational marijuana store — and the first to open without already operating a medical marijuana dispensary.

“It’s really tricky,” Frankel said, but it’s given her a chance to form close relationships with other business leaders, as they all work through the nascent process together.

“There’s a huge learning curve for all of us because it’s very different from the medical to recreational,” she said.

Frankel had a slightly different perspective, she said, but she also used the state’s medical dispensary regulations as a starting point for her own business.

“I really started putting my business plan together based on medical, and then when the state regulations came out for recreational, that’s when I started to really tailor my business plan for the recreational market itself,” she said.

Frankel does not have a cultivation or manufacturing license, meaning she won’t be creating her own line of cannabis products.

Instead, she’ll be selling products from a variety of producers across the state. She’s excited to give customers an opportunity to pick up products from across Massachusetts, all in one place.

“That’s the excitement to not have my own cultivation site is I really have a chance to highlight these real ‘CannaArtisans’ here in the state,” she said.

Frankel said she hopes customers will feel the grass-roots charisma of a small business as soon as they walk in the door.

“I’m somebody who just had a vision and a dream and pursued it,” Frankel said. “I want people to walk into my store and feel like they’re a part of something special.”

“It’s truly about spreading the kind word of cannabis.”

Where is the store?

The store is located at 640 Douglas St. in Uxbridge.

What are the hours?

When the store first opens, the hours will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. The store will be closed Mondays.

Eventually, Frankel said, the store will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week.


The store has about 40 parking spots at the store, some of which will be reserved for handicapped parking.

If that lot is filled, there will be parking available at a satellite lot, where a shuttle bus will bring customers to and from the store.

The satellite lot is at 515 Douglas St. in Uxbridge.


Customers can pay with cash or with a cashless ATM system that accepts debit cards.

Purchasing limits

Caroline’s Cannabis has placed temporary limits on the amount of products a customer can buy, separated by a variety of product groups.

There are four separate product groups, and customers can buy one product from each group.

Here are the product groups and limits:

Product Group No. 1

• 1/8 ounce of flower (Apollo 11, GFxChemD, Rocklock, Sweet Skunk Jack or X18)

• 1-gram pre-roll (Apollo 11, GFxChemD, Rocklock, Sweet Skunk Jack, X18, GG#4, Citrique, or Bruce Banner)

Product Group No. 2

• Fitchburg’s Finest Hash .5g

• Bootylicious Rosin .5g

• Shatter-Flo Sister .5g

• CO2 Cartridge .5g (Jack Herer, GG#4 or Black Mamba)

Product Group No. 3

• Fruit Chews-Pink Fruit Punch 5mg THC 20pack

• THC Chocolate Bar (100mg)

• 1:1 Chocolate Bar

Product Group No. 4

• Shea Butter 1:1 CBD-THC Lavender Salve

• Shea Butter THC Lemon Salve

• Massage Oil THC Rosemary

• Massage Oil CBD Lemongrass

• Raspberry CBD Tincture

• MXR Tinctures (Quench & Propel)

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