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Boston, MA – Last week, Massachusett’s Cannabis Control Commission gave final licensure to the State’s first independent marijuana store – to be owned by Caroline Frankel. Frankel is going to name her marijuana shop Caroline’s Cannabis and the store will be located in Uxbridge.

So far, the nine retail stores that are open in Massachusetts have been reported to be affiliated with outside companies that grow and / or manufacture their marijuana products. Caroline Frankel, on the other hand, has applied only for a retail license. Frankel stated that she will be buying her products from the manufacturers she selects.

In an interview, Frankel stated that she wants her store to be a “country-inspired cannabis boutique store,” claimed an online source, Mass Live. She wants to offer products that can lean towards being home-related and garden-related. For instance, her website states that she is going to be selling signs made from reclaimed cannabis stalks. Mass Live also stated that Frankel would be selling signs that have sayings like “medicinal garden” printed on them in some fancy lettering.

In the grand scheme of things, it takes a few weeks for a retail marijuana shop to open after the final licensure is granted to the owner. Caroline’s Cannabis will still have to go through final inspections before it opens. Frankel is aiming to open the first week of March. Her store will be located at 640 Douglas Street in Uxbridge.

This stay-at-home mom has been working towards her goal of owning and operating a full-time marijuana shop for quite some time. Specifically speaking, she’s been saving up money for the past six years to get this business going.

Frankel plans to raise awareness that any woman can own her marijuana shop if they truly set their heart out for it. Though she was only the first applicant that gained full licensure, she hopes not to be the last. The Cannabis Control Commission came forward to state that they are trying to establish a diverse industry for this specific market. This information was provided by Mass Live.

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